Throughput optimisation for the mining industry


Biarri’s DiNGo solution helps users maximise mine throughput with
a fixed number of high cost assets by using equipment scheduling. Initially targeted at underground mining operations, DiNGo gives Foremen the ability to create optimised shift plans for underground equipment. Complimentary operational capability allows Mine Control users to react with optimal equipment allocation decisions throughout the shift.

Key Features

  • Maximises mine production - increased TKMs
  • Maximises attainment of short term targets
  • Allows prioritised headings
  • Allows configurable safety rules (e.g. ventilation, interactions, geotech holds)
  • Simulates efficiency of interacting allocations to increase implementability of plans
  • Integrates with data acquisition systems (e.g. Pitram)
  • Maximises throughput at chokepoints

DiNGo maximises production in an
underground gold mine

When interactions between loaders and trucks reached peak levels at an underground mining operation, DiNGo provided the smart solution. By deploying a configured version of DiNGo to foremen and mine controllers, Biarri was able to help reduce planning effort and provide smart operating decisions for the scheduling of loaders and trucks underground.

Increased Complaince

Reduced truck  interactions

Increased  Production